If you are looking for a cup of well-crafted coffee, a homemade fresh sandwich and a healthy juice made with passion, look no further and come get it fixed!


Truly Great Coffee.


In the last decade, a new wave of innovative coffee roasters across the globe have reinvented our morning brew and got us all hooked on double shot, single origin, flat a more sensual and pleasurable experience. Using different varieties of beans, cultivated under an array of conditions, the baristas learned how to process and manipulate coffee to create a more sensual and interesting experience. The brewing techniques got reinvented, the old ones resurfaced. Each technique yielded a new, distinctive taste, and the coffee got lighter, richer or fruitier, allowing us to linger over it. Fix is all about respect and care. Each bag of our coffee beans is expertly roasted to showcase its unique flavor, body and character, each sustainable coffee plantation is given the representation it deserves. Coffee and food go great together, so we decided to offer our guests nothing but the best quality food alongside our freshest coffee. Our delicious food is freshly made everyday, and we proudly serve seasonal dishes with local ingredients. Our aim is simple. We want to make sure that every guest starts their day right by providing them with the best food options and great cuppa of black magic, in a unique space.

Our Coffee Concept.


All that we do is done with passion and a love for coffee and the industry. These values and ethos drove us to create a concept that is deeply rooted in hospitality and quality and is very close to our hearts.

After a long research to better understand the needs and trends of today’s passengers, we developed FIX - a unique coffee house, set in a fast-paced environment, providing nothing but the best quality product.

If you are looking for a cup of well-crafted coffee, a homemade fresh sandwich and a healthy juice made with passion, look no further and come get it fixed!

Our Design.



FIX is designed with great attention to detail and aims to offer the maximum level of comfort and well-being, while keeping that cool and trendy edge. The coffee house stands out through its modern, minimalistic and clean lines. It features a signature structure, built to suit each location and give that feel of privacy in an otherwise busy and fast-paced setup. Shades of concrete, black metal and copper mesh blend with vivid yellow accents, bringing some warmth and freshness to the space.



The Fix dynamic concept stands out through its recycled wood art installation structure that wraps around the coffee shop. The wooden cubic structure installation creating a solid bond between the interiors and exteriors, transforms the normal coffee rituals into an ultimate experience and leaves a long lasting impression that will be unforgettable.


Different form of seating such as bleachers, banquette as well as trendy and comfortable bespoke loose furniture making it a destination to unwind and experience the unique structure of the coffee shop.

Coffee Specialty.

It is through experience, research and development into different coffee blends that our coffee connoisseurs created our own blend.

Selecting a blend with a unique balance of sweet and savory makes our delicious coffee work perfectly with filter preparations,

mixed based drinks or mochas.

Because we are passionate, it is important for us that our guests are able to appreciate the best quality in our coffee offer.

Food Offers.

Our food offers are entirely based on ingredients that have been carefully selected and everything we serve is fresh and daily handcrafted. We want our food to emphasize great taste, fresh ingredients that are locally outsourced with the most flavorful palette without compromise  on the locally  outsource locally outsourced with the most flavorful palette without compromise on the health benefit of each of our recipes. Designed for those on the go, we developed a range of daily packed sandwiches and other food options including a range of beverages and cold pressed juices. Our menu selection is built to give every bite a delicious taste towards optimal well-being.


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